• Sean

    Co-owner, Sandwich Genius 2
    A true culinary lifer, Sean’s affair with food started when he was 14. Even scrubbing dishes and bussing tables in some greasy supper club wasn’t enough to keep him away. Now, at age 30, he has seen it all when it comes to food and food service. His life-long dream of starting a restaurant is finally being realized, and his hopes are that everyone will simply see food as he does.
  • Adam

    Co-owner, Sandwich Genius 1
    What do you get when you mix a bit of Marketing major with a culinary trained chef? An ego…. But really, you get a large serving of creativity and a dash of business acumen. A product of the area, Adam is taking his skills and experience on a culinary adventure, hoping to show you that even a chef from Green Bay, Wisconsin has the talent to make it in the big city.